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CCA PPE Program:  Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I edit my order once it has been placed?
As of August 3rd, we're no longer capable to edit orders once they have been placed.

2. Why did CCA put together a PPE Supply Program for members?
The CCA heard from a significant number of members about the lack of PPE available and the worry that they would be required to have these supplies to meet back to work directives.  We set out to find a supplier and interviewed several as part of our process, that could assure us they had sufficient stock to supply the membership, that their products met Health Canada specifications and were licensed and had pricing that was reasonable in the marketplace.  Pricing we understood would be higher than normal due to the lack of supply in the current emergency and the costs of air freight.  Securing a reliable supply of PPE was the key factor in our decision making.
3. Why is pricing for PPE much higher in the current marketplace?
The CCA has ensured that all the products supplied are medical grade and Health Canada certified. There is a very large shortage of these products currently. Shipments are arriving daily by plane, but this adds to the costs. In addition, as soon as a shipment lands, it is sold, so there is very limited supply during the current emergency. There are issues with counterfeit products in the market and the CCA has taken many steps to ensure we are working with a reputable supplier with strict quality controls.
Prices will continue to fluctuate as the market changes. As prices change, the lower prices will be available to our members. If you know of a supplier that : A) has tens of thousands of units of inventory in stock, B) can supply tens of thousands of units on a regular and ongoing basis, and C) is offering a better price or product versus our current manufacturers listed on the site (after you factor in the CCA discounts and UPS courier fees et al), please let us know and we will put them in touch with our purchasing team to do some due diligence on it.
4. How long will it take to get my products?
We understand how important it is that members get their PPE. It is very difficult to provide exact shipping and delivery dates due to the delay in getting supplies into the country. As mentioned above, there are shortages for products, and this adds to the delay in processing orders. We ask for your patience as our supplier ensures the right products are sent to you.  Currently we estimate that items will take +/- 2 business days to fill your order and 4 to 7 business days to reach you, but the best estimate can fluctuate due to the national emergency.  Checking your tracking number from your shipping confirmation will be helpful to determine the timing of arrival for your order. Sometimes shipping detail emails from will end up in your junk folder.
5. I may not need PPE – Why is the CCA e-mailing me about this?
We understand that PPE requirements will differ in each province. Please check with your provincial regulators and public health departments for the specific needs and requirements surrounding PPE for chiropractors. You do not have to participate in this program. It is simply an option should you require PPE products.
6. What is the cost of shipping in the CCA PPE Program?
We are pleased to offer free shipping in Canada for all orders over $75. There is a flat rate of $15 for all other orders. Sorry but we do not ship outside of Canada at this time. 
7. How do I use my discount code?
The CCA has provided you with a discount code. Please place the discount code in the promo box on the checkout page BEFORE you pay for your order. It is imperative that you do this to achieve the exclusive member discount as it is a lot of administrative work to have your order reversed and the discount code applied after the fact. We cannot guarantee that the discount code can be applied after your order is confirmed.
8. What do I need to place an order?
When you arrive at and fill your cart with all the PPE supplies you require, you will then be directed to create a new account. If you have already purchased before, please log in with the credentials you created.
If this is your first time, please create a new account and use your CCA ID Number we provided to you in the launch email. Please remember this website does not connect to your members only login. You will have to create a new account. 

Please make sure you put in the correct delivery address as reversing the information is very challenging. Please also note that shipments to a PO box can only happen through Canada Post and this causes delays and lack of information.

Ensure you ADD your discount code into the discount code box to get the exclusive discount for CCA members.If you don’t do this it takes a lot of extra resources to reverse your order and apply it after the fact.

9. What is the Health Canada Recall on KN95 about ?
The Health Canada recall is for KN95 ‘respirators’ and we don’t sell respirators, we sell 'masks'. 

The recall states that if any boxes are labelled as ‘respirators ‘ then they need to be re-labelled as 'masks'. Since we don’t sell respirators and the packaging does not say respirators we are not in recall and no further action is required.