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CCA Discount Program

The Canadian Chiropractic Association is proud to collaborate with The Raw Office Inc. to help chiropractors ensure a safe working environment for their staff and patients. This collaboration is focused on supplying members with PPE to assist with the new protocols related to COVID-19.

The products on this website are enabled for the CCA discount code to provide discounted pricing to the CCA members. To receive the discount code, please contact the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

Please remember to enter your discount code at check out to receive the discount. 

Disclaimer: the prices on this website are not the long term expected prices and reflect the current surge demand / supply & overseas courier costs realities. In order to meet the urgency, these supplies are being airlifted into Canada on chartered flights and then sent by UPS courier to the CCA members.

The Raw Office and The Canadian Chiropractic Association have reviewed every product on this website to ensure that the pricing is fair, ethical and competitively priced.