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Extra Visors for TRO Face Shield - Pack of 10 (In Stock)

Extra Visors for TRO Face Shield - Pack of 10 (In Stock)


In stock today. Dispatched tomorrow.

Product Description:
Due to an extreme shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), governments worldwide have called on citizens to help produce supplies. 3D businesses and enthusiasts have answered the call. At Aerial 360, we have evolved the standard face shield design to include features that make our shield sturdy and comfortable, all while
reducing product times and costs.

Product Use:

This face shield does not eliminate the need for a mask; instead it provides an additional layer of protection. Health Canada suggests letting PPE’s sit for a minimum of 3 days after use to minimize virus viability. We suggest a new shield for each staff member each day of their work week. We suggest labelling bags with each workday and after use placing them back into that bag to minimize confusion. Depending on use and care, after approximately 12-15 days, major scratches may be seen on the visor. (Extra Shields can be purchased)

Product Care:

In order to clean the shield, the visor can be removed and rinsed under warm water. Then apply isopropyl alcohol and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Alternatively use warm soapy water. The same can be done to the headband. The button-hole elastic can be washed in a washing machine if desired.

Updated Features
  • Flexible design to sit comfortably on one's head
  • Buttonhole elastic strap for easy size adjustments
  • Pegged headband eliminates the need for a bottom reinforcement
  • Side slits to hold visor snug and reduce flimsiness

While the face shield produced by Aerial 360 follows the published guidelines for the 30 production of shields as established by several health
organizations, like many PPE being produced to meet the immediate need of front-line workers, this specific shield has not yet received formal
approval as certain materials may not be readily available and our goal is to produce as many shields as possible, as quickly as possible.
Neither Aerial 360, nor any entity or individual distributing Aerial 360 products, can assume responsibility for loss, damage, injury,
illness or death arising out of the use of our products developed in support of the Covid-19 protection effort.

Please note:
It is advised to have 4-5 shields and rotating them daily after disinfecting.


Shipping & Dimensions :

Pack Size : 10 x 7.75 x 3 in, 2 lbs
Master Carton Size : 22 x 22 x 22 in, 400 lbs
Units Per Master Carton : 2000 (200 inner boxes)


Recycled Content: 0% Greenhouse Gas Decrease: 0.00 lbs