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All our masks are graphene free
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3-ply Level 3 Blue Disposable Face Masks - Pack of 50

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Product Details:

Level 3 Surgical Masks include 3-layers of construction with a double filter layer which provides comfort, protection, and breathability. Level 3 offers maximum barrier protection for any situation that has the potential for exposure to heavy levels of aerosols, sprays and fluids. The multi-layer design filters a series of airborne pollutants, and reduces the spread of infections with 3 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and with a Submicron Particle Filtration Efficiency standard (PFE) rating of 98>=. This mask has a fluid resistance penetration measurement of 160mm Hg.

 All the masks that we offer are graphene free.

Certifications & Standards:

Compliant with FFP II, III, FDA, ASTM Level 3
FDA Registered
CE Approved



  • Unused masks should be kept in a sealed box and stored in a dry place. free of contaminants.
  • Do not use in temperatures over 50°C or under -5°C.
  • Made in China


Technical Details:

box size

50 pcs | 21cm/ 11cm/7cm


Dual layer nonwoven

polypropylene filter cloth. Plastic

laminated nose wire, softex

binding (edge tape)


light blue


white elastic

store temperature

under 50°C / above ~5°C.

filtration rating

Level 3/ BFE, PFE >= 98%.

160mm Hg

Masks Filtration:

i. 3.0 Microns: Bacteria Filtration Efficiency standard (BFE).
ii. 0.1 Microns: Sub-micron particulates Filtration Efficiency standard (PFE).
iii. 0.3 Microns: Used to represent the most-penetrating particle size (MPPS), which is the most difficult size particle to capture.
iv. Fluid Resistance: Mask resistance to penetration by synthetic blood under pressure (mmHg).


Shipping & Dimensions :

Pack Size : 11 x 9 x 5 in, 0.47 lbs
Master Carton Size : 21 x 16 x 15 in, 18.8 lbs
Units Per Master Carton : 50
Units Per Master Carton : 2000 (40 inner boxes)
Units Per Pallet :  36,000
Units Per Container : 1,650,000


Recycled Content: 0% Greenhouse Gas Decrease: 20.00 lbs